About GTC       

Great Tech Corp is a sales Company for Toshiba Panel and Material. Toshiba Panel offer to portable device,automotive and factory automation manufacturers.We provide the highest quality and best service to customers.Since Toshiba LCD department integrated with Sony and Hitachi display become Japan Display,therefore we are the agent of Japan display.

We are dedicated to work with our customers from start to finish to providing the best display solutions. We want to provide the most stable and long lasting products that deliver our customer’s promises to their clients. The satisfaction of our customers is what brings us joy.

JDI was launched on April 1, 2012 as a new company for small- and medium-sized displays formed through the integration of Sony Mobile Display, Toshiba Mobile Display and Hitachi Displays.Japan Display manufactures small- and medium-sized display screens for consumer products like smartphones and tablets, as well as for automotive electronics and industrial equipment.JDI is top 1 share of the world market for small- and mid-size panel.

Toshiba Material is development, manufacturing and sales of Fine Ceramics, Applied Phosphor Products, High-purity Metals, Magnetic Parts, Tungsten and Molybdenum, Special Metals and Alloys and other application products.