Evolving LCD technology.

Developed using automotive display experience, The Rugged+
display modules are intended for use in demanding industrial and harsh
environmental conditions. Rugged+ modules are capable of providing
reliable and consistent operation under the severe and rigorous conditions
found in some industrial applications while still providing exceptional optical
performance.The entire range of Rugged+ displays feature industrial
environment operating specifications with high brightness, long-life LED
backlights and will provide dependable operation between -30°C and +80°C.


Strong optical performance.

Highly resistant to ESD, mechanical
shock and vibration.

Wide Temperature -30°C to +80°C

The new range of Lite+ display panels offer cost effective LCD solutions
that feature industry standard screen sizes, display resolutions and data
interfaces but without any compromise in display optical performance.
The Lite+ TFT display modules feature high brightness, long-life LED
backlights and high contrast ratios to provide strong optical performance
and display images that are bright, colourful and concise.


High brightness and contrast.

Industry standard sizes and resolutions.

Cost effective.

IPS was the first LCD technology to provide exceptional colour saturation
and colour stability, excellent contrast and deep black levels with a 176°
wide vertical and horizontal viewing angles.
IPS has been further developed and evolved with Advanced-Super IPS,
IPS Pro and most recently IPS NP (New Process). IPS NP has a much
higher and more stable image performance over viewing angle than any
other TFT technology. KOE will continue to develop and improve IPS
technology to provide the best wide angle viewing TFT display solution.


Cutting-edge optical performance.

Exceptional colour stability and saturation.

176° wide viewing angle.


Full HD TFT LCD display for industrial applications.

The first LCD manufacturers to introduce a compact, Full HD (1920 x 1080) display module developed specifically for industrial applications.
The TX18D200VM0EAA features a pixel pitch of 0.081mm (w) x 0.081mm (h),
equivalent to 314ppi (pixels per inch), Advanced IPS, 20-pin LVDS data interface,
long-life LED backlight and wide operating temperature range.
The 7.0-inch Full HD display module is the first in a series of high resolution
displays to be introduced.